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About Free TON

Free TON is a next-gen blockchain that belongs to no one and to everyone at the same time. The network does not have an owner or centralized management that decides what should be done or when, nor what tools or projects should
run on it. You have a great idea and want to make it happen? Write your proposal, submit it, and see what the community thinks.

It’s you who decide the future!

DNA of privacy and trust

Any centralized system has a databank where everything is stored — your browsing, shopping, traveling history, etc. Free TON never stores or shares your data with third parties. Right now ads follow you from your browser to
social media apps, even if you never share them. That is just reality even if you believe otherwise. Nobody can build a decentralized ecosystem on top of a centralized one. That is also a reality. A painful one at that.

TON Storage, TON Proxy, TON Services, and TON DNS are run decentralized as a matter of birth. They are massively enhanced by Free TON, letting all of us build a system where decentralized applications’ is no longer just a trendy
word, but a private and trusted software as it was meant to be.

Imagine not having to log into anything. Imagine that your data can never be shared with a third party. No concerns about privacy. None. Can you picture that? Hard, isn’t it? Well, guess what. It is real! Now the user is at the center of decisions and not some almighty corporation.

Tokens for the people
from the people

Many networks claim that they are community-oriented and that the end-user or developer is the key to success; nevertheless, most of these blockchains have centralized entities and investors that hold the lion’s share of the tokens. Want to use the network? Buy! Want to build a project here? Buy! As a result, the price goes up and users pay more just to use the technology…

Not anymore.

Want to build your application with Free TON technology? We have everything you need!
There are lots of of ways how you can participate in the life of the Free TON Community. Submit proposals, earn prizes in contests, use apps on Free TON, send and receive crystals, and much more!