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Free TON
— сообщество driven blockchain platform based on open source and free software principles with infinitely scalable sharding, messaging and smart contract architecture.
TON Crystals
is a blockchain project of the new generation. It's fast, secure and scalable like nothing beforeDiscover
Want to build your application with Free TON technology? We have everything you need!
There a lots of of ways how you can participate in the life of Free TON Community. Submit proposals, earn prizes in contests, use apps on Free TON technology, send and recieve crystals and much more!


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Contest Deadline / Goal
1 Oct, 2020
1 Oct, 2020
20 Sept, 2020
End of subsidy
Free TON Positioning Essay
DeadLine: 1 Oct, 2020
Free TON landing page
DeadLine: 1 Oct, 2020
Atomic Swaps on Free TON
DeadLine: 20 Sept, 2020
The Crystal Game (Magister Ludi)
DeadLine: End of subsidy
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Free TON is based on decentralized governance and sub-governance. Find the right sub-gov that best fits your talents. Find the full list here: